Yuming Yang

Master of Science

Nanjing Tech university, Analytical Chemistry, Nanjing, China Sep 2018-Jun 2021

Joint Cultivation

Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Analytical Chemistry, Shanghai, China Mar 2019-Sep 2019

Destination after Graduation

China Petrochemical Corporation, Research Specialist Staff, Jul 2021

Research Interests

Molecular Imaging, petrochemical industry

E-mail: 1580065482@qq.com
Published Articles:

1.Yang, Y., Xu, M., Wang, Z., Yang, Y., Liu, J., Hu, Q., Li, L., & Huang, W. (2021). Immune remodeling triggered by photothermal therapy with semiconducting polymer nanoparticles in combination with chemotherapy to inhibit metastatic cancers. Journal of materials chemistry. B9(11), 2613–2622. 

2.Yang, Y., , Chen, J., , Yang, Y., , Xie, Z., , Song, L., , Zhang, P., , Liu, C., , & Liu, J., (2019). A 1064 nm excitable semiconducting polymer nanoparticle for photoacoustic imaging of gliomas. Nanoscale11(16), 7754–7760.

3.Yang, Y., Fan, X., Li, L., Yang, Y., Nuernisha, A., Xue, D., He, C., Qian, J., Hu, Q., Chen, H., Liu, J., & Huang, W. (2020). Semiconducting Polymer Nanoparticles as Theranostic System for Near-Infrared-II Fluorescence Imaging and Photothermal Therapy under Safe Laser Fluence. ACS nano14(2), 2509–2521.Destination after Graduation